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General Rules For Parent’s & Students

General Rules For Parent’s & Students

  • Every Child is to follow all the disciplinary rules of the institution the school decorum.
  • Students must be punctual in all their activities.
  • They should attend the morning assembly.
  • Late comers will not be allowed to inter the class without the principal’s permission.
  • Students not in proper uniform will not be allowed inter the class.
  • Wearing of jewellery is forbidden, Nails should be trimmed.
  • The school does not take any responsibility for the loss of books, watches, money and so on.
  • Each child is responsible for his/her own belongings.
  • The child will not be allowed to leave the school on any condition during school hours.
  • The principal is liable to rusticate the student whose conduct in not good.

Parent- Teacher Meeting (PTM)
“Saint Soldier Public School gives weightage to parents Teacher meetings which constitute an important bridge between the school and the parents PTM are held every month to promote effective interaction and mutual understanding. The Participation of parents is a must and any absence is not seen with equanimity except in serious exigencies.